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Product name : CYZ Self Priming Oil Pumps
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CYZ Self Priming Oil Pumps

The CYZ-A series self priming pumps is a new modified centrifugal oil pump, it can be powerfully self-primed whenever the priming chamber retains a required amount of liquid to prime properly. And this is workable with the pump only partially filled with liquid and completely dry suction line.


There is no bottom valve needed in the line system. The CYZ self-priming centrifugal oil pump has the features of simple structure, large flow capacity, high efficiency, flexibility of working conditions, smooth operation and less requirements for maintenance.

The pumps are suitable for pumping gasoline, diesel, and kerosene and aviation gasoline at temperature between -20 - 80°C. They are also widely used as discharge pumps for oil ships, oil tanks, and oil reservoir or oil cargoes as well as for transporting water and sea water. When being equipped with corrosion resistant mechanical seals and stainless steel material, the self-priming centrifugal oil pumps can serve for transportation of chemical liquids.



1. A simple structure, convenient operation, smooth running, easy maintenance, high efficiency, long life.

2. With a "one-draining, life-long self-priming" function for the oil tanker or ship, they can double pump module So, So good module.

3. No need pipelines out safety valve, inhalation valve at the end of lines

4. High-quality materials selected from, carbide mechanical seal sealed, durable



1) gasoline / diesel / kerosene

2) oil tank / station / warehouse

3) dock, tank truck, airdrome

4) chemical industry / pharmaceutics / brewage / electroplate / printing / dyeing / papermaking / electric power / mine

5) sea water / other related liquid

Technical Data

1: Capacity range:3.2-600m3/h

2: Head range:0.9-166.7m

3: Rotary speed:1450-2900rpm

4: Motor power:1.1-132KW

5: Operation Temperature:-15 to +120 degree

6: Circumstance Temperature:≤+40 degree 

Structure Drawing

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