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Product name : QBY Double Diaphagm Pumps
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QBY Double Diaphragm Pump

The QBY air operated double diaphragm pump not only can exhaust the flow liquid, but also can convey some uneasy flowed medium, with the merits of self-priming pump, diving pump, shield pump, slurry pump and impurity pump etc.



1. No need to pour drawing water

2. Wide flow and good performance

3. Delivery lift and flow can pass the pneumatic valve open to realize the stepless adjustment(pneumatic pressure adjustment is between 1-7kgf/cm2)

3. No rotary parts and no bearing seals of diaphragm pump

4. No need use electricity of diaphragm pump

5. It can be soaked in medium

6. Simple structure and less wearing parts

7. It can transmit adhesive liquid(viscosity is below 10000 centipoises)

8. No need use lubrication oil of diaphragm pump



1) Peanut, pickles, tomato slurry, red sausage, chocolate, hops and syrup etc.

2) Paint, pigment, glue and adhesive etc.

3) Various glazed slurries of tile, porcelain, brick and chinaware etc.

4) Various grinding materials, corrosive agent and clean the oil dirt etc.

5) Various toxin and flammable or volatility liquid etc.

6) Various wedge water, cement slurry and mortar etc.

7) Various strong acid, alkali and corrosive liquid etc.

8) Used as a font-step transmission device of the solid and liquid separation equipment

Working Principle


Technical Data

System Connection Schematic Dagram

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