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Product name : WQ Submersible Sewage Pumps
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WQ Submersible Sewage Pumps

WQ submersible sewage pump is submersible pump especially suitable for the delivery of rubbish containing solid particles and other waste water.



1. Tearing mechanism designed

2. Mechanical seal use latest material to ensure good quality

3. Full head feature

4. Double-way and automatic coupling installation device

5. Available Equip with various forms automatic control cabinets



1Living waste water discharging

2Temporary floodwater discharging

3Sewage system of municipal works

4Waste water discharging of public facility

5Sewage system in factory and mine corporation

6Other water-discharging system

7Particularly use to transport sewage containing long florin matters


Technical Data

1: Capacity range: 8~4000 m3/h

2: Head range: 7~60 m

3: Caliber range: 25~500mm

4: Power range: 0.75~250kW

5: Max medium temperature: 60°c, gravity 1.0~1.3kg/m³; PH value between 5~9

6: Material: Cast iron,Stainless steel


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