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Product name : MP Micro Magnetic Driven Circulation Pumps
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MP Micro Magnetic Driven Pumps

The MP magnetic-driven circulating pump is a full-sealed pump, it adopts seal-free design, completely avoid the traditional mechanical pump seal leak the existence of liquid after the pollution caused by corrosion of the defects, industrial equipment is the most ideal liquid pump.


For motor connecting shaft and shaft and impeller is separately equipped with magnetic materials, they attract each other and coupled.

Normal operating temperature is 080℃.



1: Full-sealed pump

2: Easy to installation and maintenance

3: Light weight and long life span



1) Chemical Industry

2)  Pharmaceuticals industry, medicine remedy

3)  Electric plate, Electric appliance

4)  Photograph processing

5)  Metal industry, Mineral industry

6)  Food industry, Water treatment

7)  Silver recycle, water manufacture, laboratory-ice making machine, drinking machine

8) Living boiler, heating exchange machine, solar energy system, dyeing, laser system

9) Water spouting pool, rearing pond fish far etc.

Techanical Data

1. Flow Range: 8 ~ 330L/min

2. HeadRange: 1 ~ 18m

3. Main materials: GFRPP

4. Power range: 3 ~ 2200W

5. Liquid temperature range: 0 ~ 80 degree


Structure Drawing

Parameter Table


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