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Product name : TSWA Horizontal Multistage Pumps
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TSWA Horizontal Multistage Pump

The Series TSWA pumps are horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump which has high efficiency, low noise, anti-cavitations and energy-saving, a long life expected.

It is used for transportation of clean water without solid granules and liquid similar to water respecting physiochemical properties. They are mainly used in water supply for high buildings, fire fighting and spraying, cooling systems of air-conditioning in hotels, superstores and other commercial or entertainment facilities. In addition, they are applicable for water supply and discharge in factories and mines.


The medium service temperature for TSWA type exceeds 80



1: Compact structure, small volume, elegant outline, little space occupation

2: Rotor part of pump is supported by rolling bearing at two ends for balanced operation

3: Horizontal direction inlet and upward vertical direction pump outlet to simplify pipeline

4: Pump’s motor is horizontally structure for convenience of servicing



1) High-level buildings booster

2) Fire-fighting water supply, self spraying and pouring

3) No solid particles contained water or Chemical and Physics water

4) Long distance water transportation

5) Boiler heating and cooling water circulation booster


Technical Data

1. Flow capacity (Q): 15191m3/h
2. Head: 17
3. Stage: 2
9 poles
4. Inlet /Outlet diameter: 50
5. Rotary speed: 1450r/min

6. Power: 2.2180kw

Parameter Table

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