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Product name : IH Chemical Pumps
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IH Chemical Pump

The IH Chemical Pump is a single-stage, single suction anti-corrosive centrifugal pump(axial suction)to transport the corrosive liquid which doesn’t contain granule and is similar with the water in adherence, It’s label rate and size meet with standard of ISO2858, And the technology condition meets with standard of GB/T5656-1994, It features various performance, high efficiency and easy access to repair, The efficiency is 5% higher than that of the model F, It is our national preferentially recommend energy conservation product.

The medium temperature is between-20105



1. High efficiency

2. Easy to maintenance

3. Wide performance range

4. National recommend energy conservation product



1) Corrosive medium

2) Waste water treatment

3) Petroleum, chemistry, metallurgy, synthetic fiber, pharmacy, foodstuff


Technical Data

1: Flow Rate (Q): 6.3400m3/h

2: Rotary speed (n): 14502900r/min

3: Total Lift Head (H): 5125m

4: Max. Working pressure: 1.6MPa

5: Inlet diameter: 50200mm

6: Outlet diameter: 32150mm

7: Power: 0.55110kw

Structure Drawing

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