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The ISW/ISR/IHG(B)/ISGD/YG/GRG Series single stage single suction pipeline centrifugal pump is designed on the base of domestic excellent waterpower model and the performance parameter of IS series centrifugal. Inline Pumps are designed such as hot water pump and corrosion resistance pump and oil pump for different temperatures and liquids. The in-line pump has a good performance of reliable operation and high efficiency and little noise etc.

The medium temperature is between-20120℃


1: Compact structure, good appearance, low construction

2: Operation stably, same inlet and outlet

3: Convenient installation and maintenance

4: Parallel connection and have many models to be chosen for difference flow rate and head

5: Horizontally and vertically installation as different pipeline system



1) Booster and water supply for high-building, Drainage in industry and city

2) Irrigation in garden, Booster in fire fighting, Water circulation system and water boiler

3) Metallurgy, Energy sources, chemical industry, textile timber processing

4) Paper making, hotel, restaurant and residence

5) Petroleum, electric power, food and pharmacy and synthetic fiber

6) Gasoline, diesel oil, kerosene etc petroleum

7) Flammable chemical liquid


Technical Data

1. Flow Rate (Q): 1.51200m3/h

2. Rotary speed (n): 97014502900r/min

3. Total Lift Head (H): 8150m

4. Max. Working pressure: 1.6MPa

5. Inlet / Outlet diameter: 15500mm

8. Power: 0.18250kw

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