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XS MS S and TPOW Series Split Case Pumps

All Pumps Machinery Company Limited XS MS S and TPOW Series Horizontal Split Case Diesel Centrifugal Water Pump is an axial opening of single-stage double-suction volute centrifugal pump, horizontal installation, driver (electric motor or the internal combustion engine) can be set in the left or right side of the pump (that is, export-oriented, driving counterclockwise on the left, on the right side for clockwise rotation).



1: Urban water supply and drainage

2: central heating system water supply and sewerage

3: iron and steel metallurgy enterprises

4: paper mills, petrochemical refineries, oil fields

5: construction of thermal power plants and power stations

6: airports, chemical factories

7: textile mills, sugar factories

8: chemical plants, power stations

9: mines, farmland drainage irrigation and hydraulic engineering


Technical Data

1. Flow Rate (Q): 22~16236m3/h

2. Rotary speed (n): 4902900r/min

3. Total Lift Head (H): 7~300m

4. Inlet diameter: 1251200mm

5. Outlet diameter: 801000mm.

6. Power: 32500kw

7. Voltage: 380,6K/10KV

8. Max. Working pressure: 5MPa

9. Temperature range: -20200

10. Solid Parameter: ≤80mg/L

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