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Fire Fighting Pumps

All Pumps Machinery Company Limited supply high quality all kinds of IS,TSWA,XS,TPOW,XBD and ISW fire fighting water pumps, including vertical & horizontal multi stage fire pumps, horizontal single-stage pipeline pump, end suction fire pump and split case & double suction fire pumps.


It applies to handling clear water or the liquids similar to the water physical and chemical finding the applications for fire fighting and water feed and supply service in mine, plant and town, and irrigation.


All fire pumps designed and manufactured in accordance with International Standard,

Our pumps are ISO9001 quality system or BS standards. Panels are as per IEC standards.



1) Harbors and wharfs, airports and gasoline depots (VIP Services)

2) Ocean ships and industrial and civil high buildings

3) Non-grain clean water and fluids similar with water in physiochemical property

4) Water pressurized high-rise buildings, long-distance water, heating, bathroom , boilers, pressurized cold water

5) Air-conditioning refrigeration systems and equipment supporting water

6) Pressuring water supply in fire system

7) Water drainage in factories and mines


Technical Data
1. Flow Rate (Q): Capacity: 1.5 ~ 16000m3/h or 0.42 ~ 4444L/S or 6.6 ~ 70400GPM

2. Rotary speed (n): 14502900r/min

3. Total Lift Head (H): 5 ~ 270m or 16 ~ 885feet

4. Max. Working pressure: 2.5MPa
5. Working temperature ≤ 120°C

6. Inlet diameter: 151200mm

7. Outlet diameter: 151000mm.

8. Power: 0.181600kw

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