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Product name : CQB-F Fluorine Lining Plastic Magnetic Pumps
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CQB-F Fluorine Plastic Magnetic Driven Pumps

The CQB-F fluorine plastic magnetic force pumps are made of polyvinylidene fluoride; it is our new product which developed on base of introducing advanced foreign technology. The material is the current world’s best anticorrosive material. The magnetic pump with this material have advantages of wide application, strong corrosion, high mechanical seal, not aging, non-toxin decomposition.


CQB-F fluorine ling magnetic pump with unique design, have no mechanical seal and no leakage. The wetted parts are made of fluorine plastic, ceramics and fluorine rubber, etc. Pump casing with metal material is enough to support the weight of pipe.


Basic parameters and technical performance of CQB-F fluorine lining magnetic pump conforms to JB/T7742-95 ‘’small magnetic drive centrifugal pump standards



1: Structure compact

2: Contour artistic

3: Small volume, low noise, movement reliable



1) Chemical metallurgyacid, alkali, oxidant

2) Petroleum, pharmacy

3) Environmental protection, rare earth separation, smelting

4) Strong acid, strong base strong oxidability, flammability, explosion, toxin and value


Technical Data

1. FlowRange: 1.8 ~ 100m3/h

2. HeadRange: 8 ~ 32m

3. Main materials: fluorine plastic, ceramics, fluorine rubber

4. Power range: 0.12 ~ 18.5KW

Performance parameters
Installation dimensions

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