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Product name : Horizontal Mixed Flow Pumps
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HW Mixed Flow Pumps

HW Mixed Flow pumps are horizontal, single stage, single suction volute type mixed flow pump, after opening. The pump has the features of simple structure, reliable in operation, easy installation, high efficiency, small dimension, light weight.


It is suitable for transporting clean water or similar chemical liquid whose temperature is under 50°C. This pump is widely used for agriculture irrigation, industrial and municipal drainage etc



1. Smaller size, light weight, high efficiency.

2. Easy installation, operation and maintenance


1)        Agricultural irrigation

2)        Industrial wastewater

3)        Urban drainage


Technical Data

1: FlowRange: 180 ~ 3400m3/h

2: HeadRange: 3 ~ 12.5m

3: Main materials: cast iron

4: Power range: 4 ~ 90KW


Mixed Flow Pump Working Performance Data Table


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