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Product name : Water Cooled China Diesel Engine
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Chinese water cooled diesel engine

All Pumps Machinery Company Limited our main products include 295, 2100, 495, K4100, R4105 and R6105 series diesel engines, it can be widely used as the main power for generator set, fixed power, engineering machinery, agricultural machines and water pump set. All series engines are developed on the basis of original model by optimizing its fuel system, air intake and exhaust system, cooling system and transmitting system, to achieve high performance reliability and economical efficiency. The engines mainly have following features: lower oil consumption, higher reliability, bigger torque, easy starting & maintenance, and better adaptability.


1, Chinese water cooled diesel engine specification
1.Power from 10kw to 1000kw, Speed from 1500rpm to 3600rpm
2.Water cooling,inline,4-strokes
3.lifetime service
3.warranty 1000hours or one year


2, General Instruction of our diesel engine,

a, Assembled with radiator, clutch and belt pulley, start, charging alternator.

b, It can be connected your machine by belt. It can supply and transmission the power to your machine, drive your machine to work.


3, Advantages and main features of our diesel engines.

a, Enough storage power, can be on 100%,110% loading in normal and standby urgent  condition.

b, Low fuel consumption.

c, Easy start after matched with large power starter and alternator.

d, Strong Power fuel pump, can guarantee whole machine in steady status working condition.

f, Easy to repair, and low cost of maintenance

g, long lifespan, technical consultation free of charge life time.


4, Why our diesel engine has long lifespan

a, Big power starter, can make the engine start to easy.

b,Strong power fuel pump, supply enough power,

c,Reliable quality cylinder block.

d,Radiator has good radiating and cooling effect, even in 40 centi degree area.

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