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Product name : FZB Fluorine Plastic Self-priming Chemical Pump
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FZB Fluorine Plastic Self-priming Chemical Pump

Self-priming pump-FZB Fluor plastic alloys are designed and manufactured according to international standards and with non-metallic pumps technology. FZB type fluoride plastic alloy since sucking pump body used metal shell within lined fluoride plastic, had flow parts all used fluoride plastic alloy manufacturing, pump cover, and impeller, are with metal embedded pieces outsourcing fluoride plastic overall sintering suppressed and into, axis seal used outside loaded type advanced of corrugated tube machinery sealed, static ring selection 99.9% alumina ceramic (or nitride silicon), dynamic ring used four fluoride filled material, its resistance rot wear sealed sexual very good. Import and export of pumps are made of cast steel reinforcement to increase pump pressure.


Actual use show, self-priming pump-FZB Fluor plastic alloys with corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, no aging, high mechanical strength, smooth operation, advanced and reasonable structure, reliable sealing performance strictly and removal of easy maintenance, long life and other advantages.



1) FZB main feature is self-priming functioncan be pumped below the pump installation location the following liquid.
Stable performance
Simple operations

4) Outstanding job performance


FZB use a wide range of self-priming pump, the tank will be underground pumping corrosive fluid to the target location, no exports to the bottom of the acid-base tank pumping to the target location, or for a number of acid cycle between the trough , or for dumping acid, widely used in chemical, pesticides, acid soda, paper, pickling technology, electronics industries.


Technical Data

1. Flow Rate (Q): 1.5110m3/h

2. Rotary speed (n): 2900r/min

3. Total Lift Head (H): 1572m

4. Inlet diameter: 25100mm

5. Outlet diameter: 2580mm.

6. Power: 2.230kw

7. Working Temperature: -20℃~120

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