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Product name : IHF Fluorine Plastic Lining Chemical Pumps
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IHF Fluorine Plastic Lining Chemical Pumps

The IHF Series chemical pump are newly designed single-stage, single suction fluoroplastic alloy centrifugal pumps.

The IHF chemical pump has some advantages, such as anticorrosion, wearable, anti-high temperature, no aging, high mechanical strength and no toxin decomposer etc. The medium temperature is 85 200



1) Advance structure insures anticorrosion, strict seal, low noise and long life etc

2) Metal shell with FEP (F-46) lining

3) metal with fluoroplastic lining impeller and pump cover

4) Shaft seal bellows mechanical seal set outside

5) Silicone carbide stationary ring and rotary ring, or gland packing Teflon rotary ring



1: Wastewater and add acid etc

2: In chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, metallurgical, power, electroplating, pickling, pesticides, paper and other industries

3: Strong corrosive medium (sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid, aqua regal, strong alkali, strong oxidation, organic solvents)


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