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Product name : High Temperature Magnetic Drive Pump
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High Temperature Magnetic Drive Pump

CQB-G pump is made of stainless steel, CQB-G is for high temperature liquids less than 400°C. The biggest merit of magnetic pump its no leaking, because impeller is driving by magnetic power, there is no sealing part. It is an advanced pump for chemical, also it works for precious liquid.



1) Petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical;

2) Food, electroplating, printing and dyeing, scientific research, etc.

3) Pumping acid, alkali, oil and rare precious liquid;

4) Volatile liquid. This pump is the best choice;



1. Optimal design, Superior Performance, Beautiful Appearance;

2. This pump mostly use enclosed impeller according the Performance parameter, only a little used semi closed-type impeller because of the small flow rate;

3. Good quality mechanical seal, No leakage;

4. Simple Structure, easy to be operated and repaired;

5. Low vibrate and noise, stable running, long life time. 


Parameter Table

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