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Product name : Stainless Steel Magnetic Drive Pump
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CQ Stainless Steel Magnetic Drive Pump

CQ series stainless steel magnetic pumps are featured by simple structure, appealing profile, small volume, low noise, reliable running, and easy operation and maintain, etc.


The CQ magnetic driven pump has the advantages of entirely hermetic, no leakage, anti-corrosion etc. Adopt static seal ring instead of dynamic seal pump's flow parts are entirely in seal conditions so that it absolutely avoid the leak of mechanical seal. Stainless steel material has the good performance of anti-corrosion and can avoid the liquid pumped being polluted.



1) Operation condition of pump Environment temperature should be lower than 40 and the temperature of motor does not rise to 75.

2) The transported liquid and temperature should be in the allowed ranges for the pump (Please refer to the appendix). Liquid temperature<60, (For engineering plastic magnetic pump), Liquid temperature <100oC (For stainless steel magnetic pump), Suction pressure <0.2Mpa, Max working pressure: 1.6Mpa, Consistency<1600kg/m3, Viscosity<30x10-5m2/S.



1. Oil refinery, Petrochemical industry  

2. Coal process industry  

3. Chemical industry, Paper making  

4. Common process engineering Sea water desalt plant 

5. Air-conditioning system  

6. Power plant Environmental protection project 

7. Ship and maritime industry  

Structure Drawing


Parameter Table

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