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Product name : HBY Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump
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HBY Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump

HBY pneumatic diaphragm pump designed based on QBY diaphragm pump cancels the prevenient "O" shape ring and pole valve structure. It adopts supply air means by the three ways guide valve. The new designed pneumatic diaphragm pump has the larger capacity and lower start pressure and anti-stall advantage and longer life etc.

With self-priming pump, submersible pump, shield pump, slurry pump and impurity pump's advantages. Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry.


ApplicationChemical Industry,Petroleum,Electroplating industry, Photo industry, Electrical Appliances Industry, Metal Industry, Mining, Food Industry,Medical,Pollution control, Pharmacy.

Code of air operated diaphragm pumpHBY
Code of nominal diameter

Code of materials for pump body

Material of pump body


Material of pump body


Aluminum alloy


Stainless steel


Cast iron


Rubber lining


Engineering plastic





Code of materials for diaphragm

Material of diaphragm


Material of diaphragm










Ethylene-propylene rubber




1) No need to irrigation water. Suction lift up to 5m. Head up to 70m. Outlet pressure ≥ 6bar.
2) The flow is spacious and good performance. The maximum allowed particle diameter up to 10mm. Pumping mud, impurities, little tear on the pump.
3) Head and flow through the valve opening stepless adjustment (pressure regulator between the 1 ~ 7bar)
4) The pump with no moving parts, no seals, diaphragm pumps to pumping of media with moving parts, the media completely separated from the workpiece, the transmission medium does not leak out. So pumping toxic, volatile or corrosive media, it will not cause environmental pollution and danger to personal safety.
5) Have no electricity. In flammable and explosive places are safe and reliable.
6) Can be immersed in media work.
7) Easy to use, reliable, open stop simply open and close the gas valve. Even though no longer the case as an accident or sudden stop running media will not result in damage to the pump. Once the overload, the pump will automatically shut down, with self-protection performance, when the load is back to normal, and can automatically start running.
8) Simple structure, less wearing parts, installation, maintenance, pumping will not come into contact with the medium valve, joint rod and other moving parts, unlike other types of pumps due to the rotor, piston, gear, leaves and other parts of the gradual decline in performance wear and tear.
9) Can transport more viscous liquid (viscosity of 10,000 cps or less);
10)No need oil lubrication, even in idle running. Nor any effect on the pump, which is the most important feature of the pump.


Parameter Table


Dimension Drawing


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