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Product name : Air Cooled Deutz Diesel Engine
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Air Cooled Deutz Diesel Engine

Air cooled “Deutz” diesel engine with its feature: powerful, compact and advanced technology. As one of the most reliable engine, they are widely used for mining, construction, agriculture and trucks.


The Deutz air cooled diesel engine model we could supply: F2L912, F3L912, F4L912, F4L912T, F6L912, F6L912T, F3L912W, F4L912W, F6L912W, F3L913, F4L913, BF4L913, F6L913, BF6L913, BF6L913C. 




Oil filter


Diesel filter


Oil bath air cleaner with pre-cleaner and dust collector


12V/24V Starting motor


12V/24V charged generator


Diesel engine electrical shutdown device (only generator set)


Automatic belt tension unit


V-belt break alarm device


Belt guard (only for generator set)


4 Engine elastic supports


SAW Flywheel and housing


Oil temperature sensor and alarm switch (VDO analog signal)


Oil pressure sensor and alarm switch (VDO analog signal)


Diesel engine accelerator adjust device (only generator set)


Mechanical adjusting speed device


Diesel engine paint (gray)


Parameter Table



Advantage A:

If the temperature of cylinder wall is higher,the heat radiated in air by diesel engine is lower,so,if heat efficiency is higher,the economy of fuel will be better.Commonly,the temperature of cylinder wall of air-cooling diesel engine is 10°C higher to water cooling one,so its heat efficiency is higher than water cooling one.Because of the heat radiated to air by air-cooling diesel engine is low,so its cooling air quality is 2/3 to water cooling diesel engine,and the power consumed by the fan is lower,so,consumption of fuel of air-cooling diesel engine is low.


Advantage B:

Normal usage lifetime of engine is mainly determined on friction situation between piston group and cylinder hose.But worn quantity of cylinder hose etc and other important components is mainly depend on working time under 0°C. Because of high temperature of cylinder wall of air-cooling diesel engine and fast rising temperature,the acidity erosion and friction are avoided do avoided do the most extent.


Advantage C:

The difference of temperature of radiator of water cooling diesel engine and surrounding air is low because of temperature of radiator is limited by boiling point of water(temperature can be up to 100°C for water box cover that has pressure valve),but average temperature of radiation surface of cylinder cover of air-cooling diesel engine is 170°C, there is larger temperature difference with surrounding air,so there is risk of over heat in air-cooling diesel engines as of water-cooling diesel engine in the environment having(50°C air temperature)


Advantage D:

Air cooling diesel engine can be well started and work reliably even under -35°C,there is no risk of freezing or breakdown,and does not required any anti-frozen liquid.Air cooling diesel engine does not have any risk of water shortage even in drought or desert area, even in area of low pressure and plateaus the air cooling diesel engine there is no cooling water is boiled like water-cooling diesel engine.In air cooled engine the Cylinder body and the cover will not be damaged by direct erosion of cooling water in maritime salt-alkali area.


Advantage E:

Because of the fast warming and good start-up function of the air cooling diesel engine it can attain the working temperature just in 5 to 6 minutes to enter the load status and is suitable for power unit of generator group,fire extinguisher truck,ambulance car and vechiles of battle use.

The noise level of air cooling diesel engine is basically the same as of water cooling diesel engine. For that purpose air cooling diesel engine is closed for lower noise as it can be easily closed because of air quantity required by the air cooling diesel engine is 1/3 of water cooling engine.


Advantage F:

Air cooling diesel engine is easy to maintain and keep because of low number of components compare to as water cooling system and having a low maintenance cost. The arrangement of keeping points of diesel engine id integrated,so it is easy to approach for convenient keeping. Air cooling diesel engine is easy and convenient to check and dismantle and exchange because of one cylinder one cover and a mass structure is adopted, so it did not need to dismantle oil bottom shell to exchange piston and poison ring of cylinder hose.

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