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Product name : ZW Self Priming Pump
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ZW Self Priming Pump

ZW series self priming and non-clogging sewage pump adopting axial return outside mixed type, together with unique design of impeller channel, it not only has the function of self priming without bottom valve and injected water which is same as self priming clear water pump, but it can also pump sewage with solids with diameter of 60% size of caliber and fiber with length of 1.5 times of the caliber.



1. Simple structure

2. Good priming performance

3. High sewage capability

4. High efficiency and energy saving

5. Convenient usage and maintenance etc compared with domestic similar product.



♦ Construction

♦ Industrial

♦ Municipal

♦ Agricultural

♦ Mining

♦ Dewatering

♦ Industrial Waste

♦ Sewage

♦ Oil Field

♦ Petrochemical

♦ Paper Mills

♦ Processing


Technical Data

1. Flow capacity: 5-800m3/h
2. Head: 12-80m
3. Suction height: 3.5-6.5m

4. Power: 2.2-55kw
5. Rotary speed: 1450/2900rpm
6. Medium temperature ≤ 80
7. PH of the medium: stainless steel corrosion-resistance pump (1-14), cast iron (6-9)

8. Weight: 100-1400kg


Parameter Table

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