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Product name : ZX self priming pump
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ZX self priming pump

ZX series self priming centrifugal water pump is an energy saving newly developed self-priming centrifugal pumps for clean water or chemicals.

The foot valve is unnecessary for the pipeline. Just make sure there is quantitative conduction liquid in the pump body before the operation. Therefore, it simplifies the pipeline system and improves the working condition.



1. Simple structure

2. Good priming performance

3. High sewage capability

4. High efficiency and energy saving

5. Convenient usage and maintenance etc compared with domestic similar product.



♦ Construction

♦ Industrial

♦ Municipal

♦ Agricultural

♦ Mining

♦ Dewatering

♦ Industrial Waste

♦ Sewage

♦ Oil Field

♦ Petrochemical

♦ Paper Mills

♦ Processing


Technical Data

1. Flow rate: 3.2-550m3/h

2. Head: 20-80m

3. Suction lift: 3.5-6.5m

4. Rotary speed: 1450/2900r/min

5. Suction performance: 1.2-3.4 min/5m

6. Shaft power: 0.46-126kw

7. Motor power: 0.75-132kw


Parameter Table

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