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Product name : IHK Open Impeller Non Clog Centrifugal Chemical Pump
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IHK Open Impeller Non Clog Centrifugal Chemical Pump


1.Production Overview:                   

IHK open impeller Liquid Food Pump is based on IH, the improvements of made

in the sealing structure on the introduction of foreign advanced technology, changing

the physical properties of IH pump can only transport medium like water (no impurities

and particles) of the defects , due to the advanced seal technology, science, unique,

the pump can deliver up to 35 % solid content less material; under normal circumstances

8000 hours continuous operation without leakage, seal effect is 3 - 5 times than IH pump,

and because the impeller is open structure, so the media will not plug the high solid content, the chemical industry of the pump is the ideal transport of various materials and advanced equipment. We can be different according to different media materials produced in this pump, the current usually 321,304,316,316L, dual - phase steel, CD4MCu and other materials, the material can met the effect of corrosion resistant.

Technical Data
Flow capacity: 1.6 - 3000m3/h
Delivery lift: 5 - 125m
Diameter: 25 -500mm

 2.Main Features:                     

1: Open impeller is not simply manufactured the closed to open, but add height and

    width suitable for the full structure.

2: Heave-duty structure can deliver medium with big solid and heave viscosity.

3: Sealing structure was introduced from foreign advanced technology, especially

    our new unique single mechanical seal have 3times application results better

    than traditional double mechanical seal.

4: Under normal circumstances 8000 hours continuous operation without leakage

5: Have strictly ISO quality controlling and quality inspection system.


3.Structure drawing  


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